Lions Club – International Travel Scholarship

The River Hills / Lake Wylie Lions Club seeks to sponsor one student for the International Lions Clubs Youth Camp and Exchange Program with a grant of up to $3000. The 10th grade student must have their parents show financial need and show exceptional potential ambassadorial and leadership skills. The student would submit a thorough application and complete an interview. Also, any selected student must complete a service project and agree to three Lions related presentations.

Occasionally no student qualifies in a given year.

The Lions YCE brings the ideal of global citizenship to life. Each year this program gives thousands of young people the opportunity to experience life in other cultures and gain new understanding of the world through travel abroad. The Lions YEC administrator makes all the travel arrangements.


Learn more about the Youth Camp Exchange Program.


Application Form Below

The RH / LW Lions Club will send out a blast to all 10th grade students by the third week in September. This kicks off the online application process where you can learn all about the process and its timelines before the Oct 26th deadline. The application process ends with any finalists invited to an interview with the Committee members after Spring Break. Any final winner will be notified by the end of May. During the summer before and during their junior year, the student will execute the service project described in their application. And they will plan their YEC travel during the summer between their Jr. and Sr. year. In their senior year they would make three presentations of their service project and YEC experience.

“After hearing about the Lions Club Youth Exchange Program, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to do what I had always wanted to: to travel; make meaningful, lifelong relationships with people across the world; and exercise my leadership skills. Furthering my plans to go to Italy, my excitement continued to grow knowing that I would meet so many amazing people and be able to immerse myself in the Italian culture.” Hannah P. (Scholarship Winner)

Traveling Overseas with the Lions Club Youth Exchange Camp

Travelling overseas can seem overwhelming, especially for someone inexperienced. You may never have travelled far from home and possibly never without a parent or older relative. News stories can over-stoke anxiety because they can make the exceptional appear normal. While no one can ever guarantee complete safety, either at home or overseas, the Lions International Youth Exchange Camp is experienced in all aspects of the travel it sponsors.

Focus on the positive: This is a unique opportunity to learn another culture first hand and to form friendships with many other foreign students. Your hard work means that the River Hills / Lake Wylie Lions Club is providing most or all of your costs!

Our Responsibilities:

  • The Lions YCE makes all travel arrangements from airline tickets to camp details, to host family
  • Vetting and reminders of things you must do like apply for a passport.
  • The Camp is a setting where you will meet your peers from other countries and share. Experiences in a camp-like setting which provides room, board and activities. The camp usually lasts two weeks but sometimes only one week.
  • A host family experience can often be added for a week or two before or after the Camp. Usually, that family has like-grade kids of their own or may be hosting other student visitors. They understand their responsibilities including your safety.
  • Most countries have good health care and you will be prompted to get travel insurance.

Your Responsibilities:

  • We are confident that any student we select will behave to the highest standards. You are an ambassador representing your school, community, country and our Lions Club. Your parents would not be comfortable with this foreign travel opportunity if they also did not have full trust in their teenager.
  • Learn enough about the local culture to know what to expect and to be comfortable in most situations. Courteously avoid any situations that you might find uncomfortable.
  • You should know some basic courtesy language of the new country (“yes”, “no”, “please”, “thank you”, etc.).
  • While host families provide all meals, board, local travel, sightseeing and cultural experiences, they are not chaperones and are not responsible for your behavior.
  • You should have some local currency for souvenirs, phone service, snacks and maybe a gift to thank the family.
  • Follow Camp or Host travel instructions to make the experiences as safe as possible.

Application for the 2018-19 River Hills / Lake Wylie Lions Club Travel Scholarship

This application form will ask you the following questions, and possibly take you between 30 to 60 min to complete. There are no wrong answers.

Your CHS student email address
Your parent(s) or guardians name(s)
Parent or guardian’s email address
What is your present grade point average?
What is your class standing?

Essay Questions

Recall your commitment to reach a past goal you set for yourself by describing your plan to either:

  • Complete a challenging and demanding special project,
  • Create a solution to a vexing challenge, or
  • Master a difficult knowledge/skill set.

State also why this past goal was important, why you thought it was possible or reasonable and why it was worth the effort. Include detailed explanations for the any of the following:

  • How you convinced others to participate.
  • What steps you took to gain skills or knowledge needed to reach this past goal.
  • How you evaluated the success of your efforts.
  • What possible improvements you could apply for future goals.

An example might be that you wanted to learn to play the drums but your parents forbid such a noisy activity at home. You needed another venue and plan.

Scholarship Phase 1 Qualification Form
  • Your Info
  • Parent or Guardian Info
  • Performance Info
  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • Agreements

The Committee judging is in three phases: The Preliminary Application (above) is modest in student demands and allows the Committee to select the best candidates to continue. The Final Application is more involved and time demanding, covering in-depth essay questions dealing with personal and general social issues. It also requires the thorough planning of the Junior Service Project. Finalists will then be interviewed by the Committee to determine any winner.