Posted on Sunday, Jun. 17th, 2012

Action Time 2012-13 – President’s Report


Invite! Inspire! Involve! Make miracles happen! Celebrate Service! Enjoy!

Membership! Public Support! Internal Organization! Expanded Effect! Recently I crowed about our 2011-2012 successes. Improvement is an ongoing process of reflection, choice and commitment. Action time!

In July our Finance Committee, led by Past President Lion RJ Phillips will begin organizing our 2012-13 Administration and Charities Budgets. Invitational letters will be sent to all past recipients of our largesse. Send addresses of new recipient prospects to Dona Van Leer (383 Bethel School Road) so applications can be promptly mailed.

September will see us focus upon membership. Lion Alex Dodge, Membership Director, is already organizing our efforts. Meantime, keep developing the habit of inviting two prospects per month. Enthusiasm is catching!

Lion Morgan Lombardo, our new Communication Director, will arrange for publicizing all our events via printed and electronic media, including our website that is still being carefully organized by our new 1st Vice President, Lion Dave Decker. As always, our goal is to increase public awareness and support of our fund raising efforts and personal services as we strive to fulfill our WE SERVE mission.

Efforts to improve our internal organization will continue. In particular, our goal is to have an updated copy of our Constitution and By Laws ready for distribution by May 2013. Periodic updating is necessary to reflect changes and additions common to a growing organization. Lion Len Fleet helped last year by offering advice. This year Lion Gerry Orlick will lead the actual organization and production.

You have noticed that organization of our October Benefit Dinner and May Golf Tournament efforts are already underway thanks respectively to Lion Peg Stoklas, now also our 2nd Vice President, and Lion Steve O’Brien, who has also provided a written event organizing structure other committees may choose to adapt.

Past President Dona Van Leer will assist multiple neighboring Lions Clubs as SC Lions 32 D Region IV Zone Director. We will be involved.

Invite! Inspire! Involve! Make miracles happen! Celebrate Service! Enjoy! Be well! Lion Frank