Posted on Thursday, Jul. 23rd, 2015

Derek Lewis is Lion of the Year

Derek continues to make two key contributions to our Lions Club: His term as Membership Director has been highlighted with his work at adding a Membership Directory to the members only section of our website. Derek has also done an outstanding job in all aspects of membership management especially in induction proceedings and recognition of members for long service (with pins) and all record keeping. He reaches out to recruit new members, to understand why some might be reluctant or why some might consider resignation.

His other major contribution is via his management of the Lions Community Foundation funds via Paul Boggs investments.

Derek also volunteers for most of our fundraising activities including the Golf Tournament, Christmas Tree Sales, and the Directory. Derek always has a mild, pleasant manner, a warm smile and a true desire to help others. And, his decibel level is only about half that of a related, well loved, Lion.