Posted on Thursday, Mar. 15th, 2012

Pay-it-Forward – President’s Report

Passion at work! Dedicated commitment spurs Lions to serve! Passion intensifies with the degree of “Pay-it-Forward, Feel Good Payback” Lions repeatedly receive. Choosing to be Lions satisfies! Satisfaction wants more…and the beat goes on!

Frequently, when telling me of their most recent Pay-it-Forward service, more demonstrative Lions give detailed accounts of their thankfulness for the unexpected “Payback” they repeatedly experience.  More reserved Lions show their satisfaction mostly by continual commitment to the same effort, which, quite often, widens to include new “adventures”. I’ve also witnessed Payback increased by more intense Pay Forward effort, especially when Lions have felt compelled to move significantly beyond their own comfort zones. The old adage about the reward being involved in the doing applies.

Among the more ebullient type, middle school mentors delight in accountings of how good they feel about “their” kids’ progress and attachment to them, as do Lions who read to elementary kids. Lions involved in our Holiday events offer similarly joyful accounts. The payback is immediate, intense and more often repeated.

While not as immediate or intense, knowing we repeatedly contribute to Lions collective effort to help people face and overcome adversity, as evidenced by our myriad services and annual $100,000+donations, satisfies our human need to leave something of value as our record. I’ve seen that satisfaction in our event coordinators, record keepers, program chairs, finance wizards, communications people, administrative team members, directory sales people and the “front line grunts”, Lions who are, unfortunately, infrequently credited by name, but still persist in the behind the scenes legwork. Our coordinated, dedicated, multi-faceted mix of abilities, interests and experiences increases our effectiveness. While individually productive, collectively, we are better able to explore the service possibilities our interests excite. New members’ fresh perspectives always add to the mix!

Passionate Commitment+ Creative Imagination + Experience = Unlimited Service Potential.  Do we know your “specials”? Help us help you feel good! Tell us your abilities. Also, spread the word! Invite others to enjoy getting hooked on Lions Pay-it-Forward Payback.

Please help our May Shoot Out at River Hills and Junior Golf Championship invite and delight!