Posted on Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 2019

Roaring Readers

Eleven years ago, our Lions Club launched a new project to provide free books to 2nd grade students at Kinard Elementary School. At the close of Clover School District’s 2018-2019 year, we have now distributed (free of charge) more than 10k books to 2nd through 5th grade students in two elementary schools. This year, we added a 3rd Title 1 elementary school in the CSD (Karen Elementary) to our book distribution.

A devastatingly large number of people in America cannot read as well as needed. Many school-age children from all social classes face significant difficulties in learning to read. An increasing proportion of children in American schools, particularly in Title 1 systems, are considered learning disabled; most of the children are so identified because of reading difficulties. Achieving educational excellence for all requires an understanding of why these disparities exist as well as serious, informed efforts to redress them. To be employable in the modern world, today’s high school graduates must be able to read challenging material and use printed
matter to solve problems independently.

By delivering books to Clover school children (three times per year), our Lions are helping prepare and motivate these children to read. AND, we are teaching them the meaning of our motto, WE SERVE.