Posted on Tuesday, Jul. 12th, 2016

Our Roaring Readers Initiative Keeps Growing and Serving

Roaring Readers started in 2009 with Katzy and CJ Nager coming to Kinard Elementary.  They wanted to start a literacy program for our young students and we planned a book presentation program for our second graders with the Lions Club.  That comprised about 60 students and the books were given to the students three times a year.  The kids loved the books and having the Lions visit became a celebration!

Since its inception, the Lions Club Roaring Readers now serves five grade levels and over 350 children here at Kinard.  Each year the Lions have generously supported the growing need for funding and more books;. With Katzy’s financial wizardry, she has been able to purchase over 4,000 books for Kinard students through 2016.

This year the program was expanded to another Clover elementary school, Bethany Elementary, and they too have started with the second graders there.  One of the side benefits of having the River Hills/Lake Wylie Lions Club is the Lions’ participation in other aspects of the children’s education.  We have guest readers, lunch buddies and mentors who come to Kinard from the Lions and they are truly welcome celebrities each time they show up.  We would love to have even more!